Railroad The Game

It's the wildest race you'll ever be in! With trains! Diesels roar out of the depot to start, and you're at the throttle! Ahead, the colorful board holds danger, suspense and awesome action! But watch out! Railroad brings out the conniving rail baron in even the nicest family member. So, it's planning, deal making, double-crossing and downright 20,000 horsepower laughing fun AT ITS BEST!


So It’s “All Aboard”

The object of RAILROAD is to be the first to pickup and deliver 10 shipments to each of the 4 ports on the game board.

And the Train is Packed with Fun & Excitement!

  • Wide Appeal!
  • Adjustable Playing Time!
  • Photo Finishes!
  • Short Easy Directions!
  • Superb Player Interaction!
  • Fun & Challenging Every Time!
  • Strategy & Luck in Balance!
  • Copyrighted!
  • Trademarked!
  • Two United States Patents Issued!
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