Photo Finishes!

  • The "first to deliver" theme provides the excitement of a horse race!
  • Here is a typical finish!
  • Moreover, since players typically hold several shipments ready for delivery near the game's end, anyone is in a position to win!
They're "Neck & Neck"   
              Down the Stretch!

Adjustable Playing Time!

Because the object of the game is to be first to deliver 10 shipments to each of the 4 ports, playing time can be adjusted by changing the number of deliveries needed to win. This is done either before and/or during play, by agreement.

A Bridge placed on a Throw Switch square.


Bridges (So Unique, a U.S. Patent was Granted!)

  • With them you "bridge" over a dangerous square or "bridge" an opponent over a good one.
  • So they're valuable... but watch out! Once any player goes over a bridge, it's returned to the game box.
  • So think carefully before playing a bridge as part of your turn.