Strategy – Railroad The Game

You Must Stay Alert to Constant Dangers!

Like these 2 squares!
Both Will Keep You from
          Delivering Shipments!
You Do Not Know What Is on a
       Conductor Order Card...
  • Until you draw one!
  • But for more suspense, the Conductor marked some of his cards "Future Orders."
  • Draw one, and it can be saved for play later!
  • What is on it?
  • Well, that is your secret advantage!
  • So meet the iconic Conductor!
You Will Meet the Robber Baron!
  • Never before has there been such a conniving -(and sinister!) - nemesis of Railroaders everywhere!
  • You cannot avoid him!
  • He is everywhere!
And for you to win it all--      
     you need to take him on...    
          THE Robber Baron!
Squares Can Change!

This constantly affects playing strategies. For example, you will like "Mandatory Interchange" squares if you have only one shipment and someone else many, because an exchange is made with this square! But the next time around it may be reversed - you have many and someone else, only a few. So stay alert!

Same for "Tunnel" squares. One time they may tunnel you close to a needed port; but the next time, away from one. It varies with the destinations of your shipments!


Alliances Are Constantly     
   Formed and Broken!  


... because all players are aware of who's leading. This reaches a pinnacle toward the finish when players "band together" to stop the leader from winning. And left behind at the end is a trail of deals, favors, promises and alliances... maybe even a few vendettas!
But is is all in fun!

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